What is GAIT-4-Dog?

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GAIT-4-Dog Product Comparison:
GAIT4-Treadmill is an instrumented treadmill for lameness detection and monitoring using the GAIT4Dog Lameness Score (GLS)
GAIT4-Walkway is a pressure sensitive portable walkway measurement system designed to capture and analyze gait data from quadrupeds in a quick and easily visual manner and includes the GAIT4Dog Lameness Score (GLS).


GAIT4-Walkway GAIT4-Treadmill
Pros Pros
  • Readily portable
  • Useful for assessing neurologically impaired dogs
  • Ideal for a variety of research applications
  • Compact storage: 1.5ft x 1.5ft x 3.5ft
  • 3 consecutive gait cycles statistically accurate for assessment (4 is better)
  • Requires litte floor space: 8ft x 3ft
  • Speed controlled
  • Less than 2/3 cost of ground product
  • Compact upright storage against wall: 29in x 25in
  • Quickly collects a significant number of gait cycles (normally use 30 cycles collected)
Cons Cons
  • Requires substantial floor space: 27ft x 6ft
  • Requires ability to walk dog at consistent velocity
  • Time required to setup if stored when not in use
  • On average only collects 4-5 good gait cycles
  • Time to acclimate dog to treadmill if never walked on one before, some may never acclimate.
  • Not appropriate for neurological dogs
  • Some gait analysis measurements from the ground product are nto replicable on the treadmill.





GAIT4Dog Lameness Score
GAIT4Dog Lameness Score (GLS) is a robust scoring system that makes quantifying lameness as a simple numerical score readily understood by clinicians and owners alike. Based on a 100 point score system for each limb GLS identifies the correct loading and movement characteristics. GLS below 100 indicates lameness while scores above 100 identify the compensating limb. The lower the number the more lame, the higher the number above 100 the more compensation. GLS was scientifically developed over the last seven years using the GAIT4 Walkway system and has been adapted to the GAIT4 Treadmill system.


A video introduction to the GAIT-4-Dog Software System

Internet training (support and clinical utility) at Webex